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Back & Neck Pain


“Whether your back pain is acute or chronic, mild or severe, a Chiropractic Evaluation is the right place to start! Chiropractic gets excellent results for Back & Neck pain, and the treatments are much more gentle than you might think! But the first step is to come in for a free consultation, during which the doctor will sit with you and discuss your case. There’s no obligation! Call 204-284-9218 today.”




“We’ve all been told by drug companies that if you get headaches, all you need to do is just pop a pill and the problem is solved. Unfortunately, that thinking is totally wrong! If you get headaches, it means that there are significant problems with how your body is functioning. Chiropractors are experts in diagnosing and caring for headaches. And treatment is very gentle! Just call 204-284-9218 for your free consultation.”

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“Did you know that growing up is hard on the spine? From as early as BIRTH, children are exposed to thousands of Physical Stresses, Chemical Stresses, and Emotional Stresses. These 3 types of stress cause harm to our nervous system, creating potential health problems not just for adults, but for children too! The good news is that kids respond extremely well to chiropractic care, and treatment is very gentle.”